Making a Difference One Step at a Time

After losing one of my dearest friends to breast cancer at the age of 48, I was determined to support breast cancer research by talking 60 miles in her memory.

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Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

The Center for Breast Cancer at Mass. General Hospital focuses on the medical research aspects of breast cancer. The Center’s primary emphasis is treating and eradicating women’s cancers. Funds raised by Just ‘Cause are earmarked for specific research projects.

Virginia Thurston Healing Garden Support Center

Founded in 2000, the Healing Garden is an educational non-profit organization. Our objective is to provide a healing environment that provides a range of complementary therapies, psychosocial support, educational programs and access to nature for those experiencing breast cancer and other forms of cancer. All therapies are integrated with and complementary to standard medical treatment for cancer. They are located within 10 acres of stunning gardens and woods, with meany seated ares for reflection.